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Beyonce in Pencey Dress, Topshop Victoria Face Pumps and Chanel Bag

Beyonce Knowles was seen out and about on Easter weekend toting around the Chanel 2.55 badges bag ($2,695) in a Pencey Cherry Blossom Dress ($392). This dress features a cherry blossom print and an attached self-belt tie with a gathered elastic banding and an open back. She was also wearing a pair of Topshop’s Victoria Face Flat Pumps ($40) in a blush color. I love the flats, they immediately give your look personality with a girly sense of humor which is accentuated by the pearl around the ankle, red lipstick and lots of mascara on the toes



December 2, 2009 Leave a comment

Hmmm .. What do you think ladies ? I love the colorway of them. They’re definitely on my interesting list. They going for about $197 at Topshop and are made by Boutique. Would you rock these kiddsss ?!

XoXo BouJeee*Beee
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