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Sex and the City 2 Trailer Pomises Covetable Fashion Styles

On May 27, get ready to fall in love with the fashion styles of the main characters from Sex and the City 2 movie. You’ll surely envy Carrie for having the closet-of-every-woman’s-dreams! See the upcoming movie’s trailer and drool over the foursome’s fashion style.



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This is an instant bday present for me that I need ! Any volunteers ?! (lol)
But check it, this is a new accessory that is on the stylish tip as well, you can listen to music and look fly/cute at the same time. It was designed by Lee Won-Jon. What do you guys think ?
Check it out here for more info !

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Fashion Fiend: UK

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What: Leopard-print Jacket in the streets of London.

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This new reality series, produced by Bunim-Murray Productions and the Margaret Maldonado Agency, follows the real lives (friendship, love, & career) of five junior assistants as they toil for three glamorous, high-end celebrity stylists. Set to air on MTV this fall, this documentary series will follow the young junior assistants on the job — music videos, movies, red carpets, etc — and also follow them in their off-hours as they find romance, plot against each other, and try to make it big in a difficult industry, all while living on a meager junior assistant salary — and all while looking great!

Each episode will include the styling of famous Hollywood celebrities. The three senior stylists include: Jen Rade (Pink & Amy Winehouse), Eric Archibald (Puffy & Usher), and Julie Weiss (Britney Spears & Eva Longoria).

What happens when you mix A-list celebrities, high profile stylists, and eager junior stylists all vying for a coveted job with the Margaret Maldonado Agency? Find out THIS Fall on MTV!

Check out the trailer! Also, click here for more info!


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Wearing: Marc Jacobs pants, YSL heels

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Louis Vuitton Stockings

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Channeling a vintage hipster vibe in a cardigan, skinny jeans, and fedora…. Pretty fly…

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