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Hilary Duff in Prada Sandals and Alexander Wang Bag

Hilary Duff has grown into a beautiful young woman as she was seen out and about in a cute black jumper and nude Prada sandals ($850), while toting her favorite Alexander Wang Mini Rocco duffel studded bag ($875). These leather Prada sandals feature an open pointed toe with a back zip closure on a platform heel. Love the look.



I’ve been in need of a cute tote bag, and i was browsing the net as usually and came across these; how cute are they ?! Check out Prada introducing they’re new B.Y.O (bring your own) bags. The B.Y.O is a collection of lightweight bags designed in the traditional Prada fabric with cute prints that im really feeling. The bags are available exclusively at Prada boutiques retailing at about $300. Cute, no ?

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Check out Prada’s camo line for ’10. Im not really into the whole camo thing, but I’ve definitely been seeing some cute items that have caught my eye lately. Im still debating on whether Im feeling this whole get up, not sure yet. What do you think ladies ?

(Large Saffiano Camouflage Tote – $2,495 via Saks)

(Tessuto Camouflage Tote, $1,195 via Saks)

(Camouflage Paillettes Continental Wallet – $555 via Bergdorfs — it also comes in the navy shown below)

(Camouflage Paillettes Clutch – $995 via Bergdorfs — it also comes in the traditional green shown above as well)

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How sexy are these ?! Prada and the way they make they’re frames are soo poppin to me. I love the 2-tone and the cat shaped, genius. Check how the top color position on the glasses, dont they resemble eyebrows ?! GENIUS x10 ! I want the black and red and the tan and red. What about you ladies ? Am I the only one who see’s potential in these ?!

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loveinPA-REEEEE !! <3

November 12, 2009 Leave a comment

Isnt it just beautiful ?! The gorgeous Prada store wont be opening in Paris until Feb of 2010, and I am making myself a goal to go back there soon and visit !

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Modern Chicness–Prada | Francisco Lachowski

October 19, 2009 Leave a comment

Photographed by Francesco Brigida, rising Brazilian model Francisco Lachowski wears the latest from the ever-popular Prada collection. The fall season is far from over, yet Prada’s studded range has shown up in a plethora of editorials marking itself as one of this season’s signature collections.

Prada Spring Collection 2010

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