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July 7, 2010 2 comments

My sneaker head radar come on and I was stuck for a few good seconds.
Nike introduces its newest color edition to the Auto Trainers. Poppin’ no ? They’re featured with leather and suede detailing with a cool tiffany-green type color and purple. Definitely a unisex type shoe, Im diggin’ it.
> Available at Wish <

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May 25, 2010 1 comment

How poppin is this ?! I just want it just to put on my dresser and keep ! (lol)..
Its a Nike mini shoe for gift cards ? Isnt that cute ?! Its now available at NikeTown and some Nike locations. Tha Chroniclez approved !

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Nike Air Pippen 1

The much anticipated Air Pippen 1 from Nike is officially set to drop. The all white uppers provide an ideal look for any sneakerhead who wants to revisit the Chicago player’s past. The shoes offer the original detailing and logos imprinted all over the shoe and will be one of the more popular releases for this year. The Air Piipens will be releasing on May 7th at WISH for $160USD.


Did i mention my bday is coming up ? Where my broskiesss at ?! Bob ? Rell ? Hello ! (lol).
So NIKE is stepping up i see with they’re “wear”. I love it, especially this. Its so………………………………………………… ME ! I dream about things like this. Well NIKE featured they’re new sequined dress at a London fashion show last season. People NIKE has been on the map for a long time now, and just to see them grow, move and change to new and better things is definitely a time for big ups.
NIKE COUTURE = exactly what fashion needs right now !

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March 30, 2010 Leave a comment

When I seen these I was like “yooooo, thats crazy. These are dope”. Check this out, Nike air’s dipped in macaron leather. I dont think a lot of people even know what macaron is, It’s a french pastry that I want to try now ever since I seen these. Nike got some inspiration and made these bomb kicks in they’re honor, annnnnnddddddd Im diggin them ! You can check them out here.

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