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.Mmm GaGa!.

This is what will make me love GaGa in a special way ! Pink lipstick ?!
MAC is rockin’ with GaGa on this new project.
Its the summer too, so pink is definitely a plus right now. A very cute shade a baby pink.
Its available for $14 at any MAC shop or MAC online.

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October 21, 2009 Leave a comment

Ladies, dark lipstick isnt just for goth girls anymore. Its everywhere for fall and a must try for my daring little divas that I just love !! Purple, blue, red or black, yes, mmhm black lipstick is back ! But check it, try out a not so expensive brand first and see if you feelin’ it, then go for the dope fixes one once you are ready to commit. Chanel, MAC and Yves St. Laurent of course have some really sick dark colors for fall. Check that out ASAP.

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