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.Mmm GaGa!.

This is what will make me love GaGa in a special way ! Pink lipstick ?!
MAC is rockin’ with GaGa on this new project.
Its the summer too, so pink is definitely a plus right now. A very cute shade a baby pink.
Its available for $14 at any MAC shop or MAC online.

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December 11, 2009 Leave a comment

I just cannot get with the whole Lady GaGa thing. But i do love this cover of her. She covers this season of ELLE Magazine, i think she actually looks pretty AND NORMAL (for once!). In this issue she talks about her album covers, and the fact that none of them are at all sexual, she doesnt feel a young woman needs tot see another girl posing sexual, touching herself. o_0 okay then.

XoXo BouJeee*Beee

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