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November 18, 2009 Leave a comment

Taking a moment from all this Summer love with a little bit of some 80s love. Who else can I set this post off first with. Rihanna, the fashion icon of our time right now. Please let your inner rockstar out ladies ! We only have one life to live sooo, LIVE IT UP ! These cute jeans that Rihanna is wearing in the shot above are the J-Brand Tie-Dye skinnies. Yeah, I know i love them too, so im sure that ya’ll would like them too. Goodies for your eyes and the fellas, but of course. In my opinion with I think these would look cute with all black everything but you can always switch it up and add some color. You can never go wrong then ! Have fun with this kiddies..

XoXo BouJeee*Beee