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Check out Noir’s cute jewelry and handbags. I like it so far from what I see, especially the cute handbags, Im diggin it a lot. Everything here and more is located on GILT, its an online retail store that is hosting a some of the collection tomorrow July 27th.
> Check out some of the collection here <

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Check out Prada’s camo line for ’10. Im not really into the whole camo thing, but I’ve definitely been seeing some cute items that have caught my eye lately. Im still debating on whether Im feeling this whole get up, not sure yet. What do you think ladies ?

(Large Saffiano Camouflage Tote – $2,495 via Saks)

(Tessuto Camouflage Tote, $1,195 via Saks)

(Camouflage Paillettes Continental Wallet – $555 via Bergdorfs — it also comes in the navy shown below)

(Camouflage Paillettes Clutch – $995 via Bergdorfs — it also comes in the traditional green shown above as well)

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April 13, 2010 Leave a comment

Did anyone realize what the designs were on the handbags before reading this ?! I noticed the Doritos bag first !
Here is the limited edition that Ecoist created into stylish silhouette handbags from unused and obsolete Frito-Lay chips.
Check out this site for more info !

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Fergie with Treesje Archer Bag

November 21, 2009 Leave a comment

The Black Eyed Peas front lady, Fergie, was spotted carrying a Treesje Archer bag ($595) in black shine. This Treesje bag is made of soft Italian leather featuring bulbous silver-toned hardware studs embedded on top and a detachable shoulder strap. Fergie’s outfit has a high vogue appeal and her Treesje bag completes the overall chic expression.

Punk Suede Studded Bag

November 17, 2009 Leave a comment

Studs really are popular this year, and this Punk Suede Studded Bag by Balmain is a perfect example. Suede is such a great fabric for the fall and winter and this time it gets a ‘tough luxe’ treatment with studs of varying size and color laid into the front flap in a dense, abstract design that kinda reminds me of animal print. There’s an exterior pocket tucked under the front flap, and the interior of the bag features a full lining and zip-top closure. If you like it you better love it, as it’s a bit pricey at $3,925.

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Ted Noten_luxurybagportfolio

November 8, 2009 Leave a comment

Check these bags out ! Crazy idea to even come up with dont you think ? Jewelry art reflects its day and age. I like the acrylic bags by dutch designer Ted Noten. They were created in ’04 -’07. I found some of Ted Noten’s design online and i noticed that he definitely designs crazy, high-profile work and he loves to be different as you can tell. From what I read, prior to all this he worked with ceramics. He had made a cool chewing gum design called “chew your own brooch”. This Amsterdam designer creates all kinds of different pieces including pearl adorned mice, pill-shaped wedding rings that are swallowed rather than worn, brooches made from a cut-up Mercedes-Benz and animals cast in acrylic handbags. As his manifesto declares: “Jewelry must be shamelessly curious.” Oh how much I agree with that statement ! Check out his other ideas below:

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October 26, 2009 Leave a comment

Puff just knew it and Rebecca Minkoff the designer of this cute little bag knows it too, Its all about the Benjamin’s baby! Her handbag collections are really nice. This leather pouch is adorable and can be used also as a clutch for a night out. Tight ! Check out Rebecca Minkoff website ASAP !

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