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Beats By Dre Now Customizable by ColorWare

March 6, 2009 1 comment

If you don’t know about Beats By Dre, they are essentially a technological crown that not only adorns your head with an excellent contemporary design that pulls compliments left and right, but they also engage your ears into a universe of sound unrivaled by just about any other headphones on the market.

Finally, ColorWare, the brand that pretty much color coordinates all of your electronic essentials including iPhones, MacBooks, and Pioneer plasma TVs has finally gotten a contract to work with monster cables to pimp out their worship worthy Beats by Dre.

If you are the type of person that doesn’t really care for the idea of having the same shit as everybody else, or just really really like the Beats and want to gain some swag points (like me), then today is your lucky day as you can officially customize just about every single piece of the beats except for the foam rests in the ear cups and on the arc of the headphones.

Think of it as NikeID for some seriously hardcore headphones. But considering the already steep price point of the regular Beats at $350, expect to pay plenty of dough for em. If you send in your Beats, you only have to pay $250 to get them customized. However, if you want to get them new, out of the box in all of their custom glory, be ready to cop them at $525. Check out the customizer here.

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