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December 3, 2009 Leave a comment
Moncler, an Italian company, decided to try new things an expand from the original “motherland” with the new collection Moncler V. Basically the whole collection is just different collaborative projects. They’ve had a partnership with a Japanese label called Visvim. Now to hop on the Moncler V Collection is the one and only extraordinaire, Pharrell. The collaboration is a blackout line up of different items from Pharrell’s three year line, Bionic.

Bionic produces yarns and fabrics from recycled bottles, and the company had also produced pieces in collaboration with GAP.

One of the many pieces so far of the collection includes a reversible black puffer vest (inspired by bullet-proof vests) with Velcro side slits. Turning the vest inside out, the lining is a print fusing art and nature created by Japanese artist, Keita Sugiura. Keep checking back kids for more info on this !

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