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The Crackberry Confessional Introduction….Stay Tuned!!

February 28, 2009 2 comments

Ok so if you own a Blackberry your insanely addicted. I know, it’s beyond comprehension, why you feel the way you do. You get a sudden urge sometime just to pick it up and look at it. You know you didn’t feel it vibrate, so you know you don’t have a message and nobody is calling. But yet you still need to pick it up to satisfy yourself. Ok so if you don’t want to admit it, I will, I am an addict! You wake up get your day started and before you walk out the house you grab your Blackberry and for a split second you get that feeling of completeness. Ahhhhh…lol, ok well maybe it’s not that dramatic but you get the point. Realistically you are addicted to your Blackberry and never take advantage of all the things you can actually do on your phone. So for all of my Blackberry nerds that care, below you can find a few links to sites to get themes, ringtones etc, listed below.
Also there is a OTA (Over-The-Air) link for a pretty cool application. Enjoy!! Blog with requests and any information you need.
Sidebar: All the links and applications provided will be free. Anything you have to pay for you will not find here!! Come on we are in a recession! I ain’t paying for sh*t!! lol.



Blackberry 411, completely free!! You can conduct business searches, weather, shopping movies and more. Enjoy! Place this link into your blackberry browser,

Stay tuned for the Crackberry Confessional,where you’ll get all info you need to keep you up to date and all the secret, pathetic stories about how we are all shamelessly addicted to our cell phone… The truth shall set you free!!

Like all addicts…

I know…

we’ll see you again soon!!


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