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Real talk, I missed everything about her music. She was dope to me. She been real M.I.A, I guess the name fits now doesnt it. But, anywho, I guess its suppose to be like that on the count of she just had a baby, little boy to be exact. She was on her motherly duties taking care of business. Well the newest issue of Complex Magazine has a cover dedicated to the one and only M.I.A and I think it was about damn time, Its her first one and she did a really good job. I love everything about her fits in all of her shots. This mag will be released in June/July ’10. She goes deep into the mag and the story on M.I.A includes an in depth Q&A session that touches on parenting, her thoughts on Kanye West, and also what she thinks of hip-hop today. Gotta love it, no ?

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  1. May 25, 2010 at 11:54 am


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