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Cruise 2010 | Yves Saint Laurent

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The fall season is quickly coming to a close and Yves Saint Laurent looks towards the future with their cruise 2010 collection. Nonchalant in terms of fit, Stefano Pilati turns to both baggy and oversize proportions to outfit his man. Rebelling against the narrow silhouette, loose trousers, not only sport a high sack waist, but are cropped a safe distance from the ankle. Paired with jackets and blazers that aim at a more tailored approach, the finishing touches of the range are seen in nomadic draping and a muted color palette. While accessibility may prove a difficulty, Pilati succeeds in forcing upon the eye a chaotic world of risks that takes shape around new ideas about the very construction of menswear.



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Are these not ridiculously cute ?! ANNNDDD they’re in Dolce & Gabanna fall ’09 collection. I love the whole face and lips thing, very fly. What do you think ladies ?

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Styl’D | Ep. 5 | Sneak Peek

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College student ? In the business field ? Do you just like fly ish ? Yeah well this Louis Vuitton USB key is for you then. Is this not wicked ? Its actually going for about $450. Its a graphite USB key by Louis Vuitton and its 4 GB that comes with a key chain as well……………… COP IT !

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I would get them. Enough said.

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Im such a sneaker fiend i tell you. When i saw these, I just felt the need to have them and of course post these for you guys to see them. Im proud to present the Hellz x Reebok collaboration shoe, dropping Friday November 27th. The kicks feature a fold-down flap which Hellz utilized as a focal poin, but im diggin’ it definitely. They come with another pair of shoe strings that are black and neon yellow, Im feeling the stud detailing, sort of the punk rock kind of look. I think when these drop its going to be in high demand so thats why the shoes are only going to be available to the us at select retailers but they will be on the Hellz soon-to-drop online shop. If purchased through the Hellz online shop the customers (ladiiiesss !) will receive a special gift. Hmm I wonder what it could be. Did i mention Black Friday is right around the corner ?! o_0

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New Arrivals | Robert Geller

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