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Dear, MAC Loverssssss

WHERE ARE ALL MY MAC LOVERS ?! Sorry MAC lovers only right now. Ladies is this chick’s make-up not genius ? Come on yall already know pleasee. So i’ve got the hook up ! I know ladies out there are trying to do their make-up themselves but it just looks regular nothing really to spice up the fit you might have on. So here’s some steps to make your beautiful lids that I KNOW YOU HAVE look flavvvaaaaa-ish..

painterly paint pot
eyeshadows; vapour, purple shower, haunting, phloof!
push the edge pigment
blacktrack fluidline
graphblack technakohl
#44 lashes; duo eyelash adhesive in dark tone

#252, #224, #223, #210

step 1:
Using your #252 brush lay painterly paint pot all over the lid
step 2:
Using the same brush take vapour e/s & lay under brows, as a highlight
step 3:
Blend purple shower e/s all over your crease using #224 brush (my fave!)
step 4:
Using #223 brush, blend over the edge pigment in your outer corner crease
step 5:
Flip your #252 brush & lay haunting e/s all over the lid, & phloof! eyeshadow on the inner corner of your eye
step 6:
Line your eyes w/ blacktrack fluidline using your #210 brush & glue on lashes
step 7:
For more drama, line your waterline w/ graphblack technakohl & lots of mascara!

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